Q: I want to have a party at Mehanata. What are my options?
A: All of your options are right here. If you have a question about any of them, email us.

Q: What age do I have to be to get into Mehanata?/Do you have any 18+ parties?
A: Mehanata is 100% 21+ w/ valid photo ID.

Q: Are you open during the week?
A: Our hours are Thursday through Saturday, 8:30PM – 4:00AM.

Q: I don’t want to pay cover! What can I do?!
A: Register a FREE guest list (details here). It expires at 10:30PM and you can add up to 30 names to it.

Q: My group wants to sit on the mezzanine. How can we get a table?
A: You can reserve a table by booking VIP bottle service here. You can also arrive early to secure an available table on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that there is a $30 minimum per-person to sit on the mezzanine, ordered through the waitress only.

Q: What is the ice cage?
A: It’s an insane little freezer-cold room with vodka-lined walls. There are iced shot glasses and soviet uniforms involved. It’s the coolest thing you’ll do this weekend. (See what we did there?) Click here for details and ice cage packages.

Q: Where is the gypsy party bus?!
A: It’s off the road right now. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when it goes back on.

Q: It’s my birthday… can I go in the Ice Cage for free?
Yes, if you bring one paying friend with you. There’s an entire Ice Cage page and FAQ here.

Q: I just want to pay for my VIP bottle at the bar. What’s the benefit of booking it in advance?
A: If you book it in advance, it includes VIP admission for your list, all night. If you buy a bottle at the bar, this feature is removed.

Q: My friends and I just want to skip the line, we don’t want to wait!
A: You can buy VIP entry per-person right here. Show your PayPal receipt at the door and skip the line.

Q: My band wants to play at Mehanata. What’s the deal?
A: Email us a live video of your band with a description, etc, and we’ll send you all the info you need if you’re  good fit for the venue.


Don’t see your question answered here? Email us!